Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Drapes to Apparel

"You mean to tell me that my children have been running around Saltzburg in nothing but some old drapes?!"

"Mmmhmm! And having a marvelous time."

I love Maria's resourcefulness in using old (and ugly in my opinion) drapes to make new (and now cute!) clothing for herself and Captain Von Trapp's seven children on The Sound of Music. I always thought that it would be fun to make something beautiful out of the old and undesirable without looking like it was made from a window treatment. :)

Yesterday I got to do just that. A dear lady and friend from church really liked the Prairie Linen skirts I've been selling over at Tally Skirts, especially the brown one, and said that eventually she wanted me to make her one. Over the weekend she told me about some ugly curtains that came with the house they moved into awhile ago. While they were not her style "the brown fabric looks like it could be high-quality suiting material" and wondered if "it might work?"

She gave me the curtains yesterday morning and I finished the skirt last night. I don't wish to sing my own praises, but it turned out beautifully. For some odd reason I wasn't sure if the fabric would "look right" in this style, but probably only because I've ever only made these skirts with linen. With being a volunteer in a Christian school office four days a week, I believe she'll love another skirt that she won't have to iron!

She still has a curtain panel that I didn't even touch, so there is enough for another skirt. :) Have any of ladies sewn clothing using old curtains?


Amanda Faith said...

I've used them to make "practice garments" for patterns that I've drafted instead of buying cheap muslin. Most of our old curtains were the gaudy floral kind from the eighties and I could never quite bring myself to think that I could actually wear it! If I found some with a nice pattern, I would most definately use them!

In His Wings said...

I have used curtains, sheets, etc. to make costumes & clothing. One of my very first Regency dresses was made from a sheet. I wore that dress constantly for months. It was so comfortable & pretty. I also made a favorite skirt from a deep wine shade drapery that my mother had in her stash. That skirt too was worn excessively. I love repurposing fabrics from otherwise useless things. It makes me think of what my grandmother would have done.

God bless,
Sarah Grace

Cheri said...

How nice it is to know that there are industrious and frugal yong women out there! Thanks for sharing. :)