Saturday, April 07, 2012

Dress It Up - On Your Head!

Wearing hats can be another element that will add a touch of elegance and dressiness to an outfit. With Easter this Sunday, it would be a perfect time to pull out a hat out of its box! Have you ever considered wearing one out to a special dinner or even just out doing errands?

I have several times. I have come home with hats or simply tried them on at the store, and my poor dear family does all they can do to not laugh at me. I can wear the ones that work well for when I dress up in a historical garment (like this) but in general, most modern hats look hideous on me.

Perhaps there is a reader who can empathize? There are other options, dear ladies! There are fascinators and hair combs to try! :) Some are really ridiculous, I readily agree, but then there are some that are quite charming.

I actually have yet to try one on myself, but I'm not going to shrink back from them quite yet as I have most modern hats.
If you're not quite sure about an actual fascinator, you could try a flower on clip with some netting like this one by Olive & Jane or simply wear a real flower in your hair. You can never go wrong with fresh!

If you're on a tight budget (who isn't these days?!) you could make your own hair comb like this one:

Ebay and Etsy are wonderful sources to find hair combs with reasonable prices. Now I have tried and rather like haircombs. Personally speaking, they add that touch of elegance without the WOW, WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?! factor; if that is something you concern yourself with.

This is a simple one in a tortoiseshell-like plastic.

And then I have another that is a replica of the butterfly comb on Titanic (I don't endorse the movie, though there are some fantastic costumes, hats & combs, and jewelry on there!)

Don't look on ebay for these, unless you want to pay over $100 for it. Back in 2008 or 2009, I think I payed around $25 for mine from a extraordinarily talented lady who is no longer in business, though she has a few left that she is selling here for a bit more.

I'm going to take the risk and wear one of them to church tomorrow for our Easter service, with the attempts of doing some kind of curly updo. Which comb should I wear?


Amanda said...

I quite empathize with you on the hats...I'm not a look-good-in-hats person, either! The fascinators or bigger hair flowers are a neat idea--I'll have to think about that. My sister wore a large black feathery fascinator/flower in her hair for my brother's wedding--the boys said it looked like she had a tarantula pinned to the side of her head, but she was undeterred. :) Have you checked out her blog? ( I think she has some hairstyle tutorials that may be similar to the Emma picture you pinned.
(Oh, and I vote for the butterfly comb--so pretty and art nouveau!)

Cheri said...

Amanda, I had to laugh at your brothers remarks. Sounds just like my siblings! I did wear the butterfly comb, and my hairstyle for the day looked very much like Rose's (the day she wore it in Titanic) with it being all curly (yay for foam rollers!) and wore it half up in a bun sort of thing with curls hanging from it. Because of its current length, there was no way to get it all up without using jaw clips and looking very unromantic! I'll have to check out your sister's blog.