Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"The Queen of England" Apron

A few days ago some lovely periwinkle floral cotton made by Laura Ashley came in the mail. Some pink did too, but I wanted to make myself an apron out of this fabric.

Yesterday as I was cutting it out, my youngest brother walks by and asks, "Is that for the Queen of England?"I wasn't sure if he was joking or trying to pay a compliment to it's lovely color which, I'm sure, would suit the Queen quite well. :)

At any rate, I used Sense & Sensibility's Edwardian Apron Pattern. Years ago I made one for myself (it may have been before I had a blog...) and it has worn to its death so it was high time to make another one.

I shortened the length by 8" or so since having a sweeping hem isn't always practical. On my last one, I think I took some length off and then added some 1/2" tucks to the hem so I wouldn't be constantly tripping on it.

The fabric called for some antique elegance, so I found some white laces in my stash and formed them into a square design; something often found in the Edwardian era. This time around I made self-fabric bias tape. The result is quite pleasing.

A view of the back. I added maybe 1/2" to the back belt piece (if you've made this, you know what I'm referring to) but other than that, and the length, I made no changes to the pattern.

Thanks for letting me share!


Crystal Arcand said...

Ooh, that's just lovely! I especially like the lace collar.

Sarah said...


Your new apron is beautiful!! I love the lace and the shorter length. You did a great job!


Elyssa said...

ooooooooohhh! I just 'love' 'love' this apron! It is so cute, feminine and looks like it actually covers you! ;-) The fabric is adorable, and yes, I think it would look just as nice on the queen of England!

Cheri said...

Thankyou ladies for your kind and thoughtful comments! :)