Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gardening in 'Tasha Tudor' Style

My favorite gardening book to look though would be Tasha Tudor's Garden. Featuring what each month looks like around her home in Vermont, the landscape and flower beds are bursting with inspiration on every page and in every photograph. One late summer, I took a pen and paper and wrote down every single plant and variety of plant mentioned in the book. Since then, I've taken my four page collection to the greenhouses or sitting next to me when I'm ordering seeds online.

[We're enjoying our "late bloomer" lilac bush that is in full and fragrant bloom this week; all of our other bushes are done for the season. The "lilac season" came several weeks early as this particular bush doesn't normally bloom until June.]

This past week I've spent most of my time working in the flower beds and gardens. Thankfully the weather has been quite delightful. My flower seedlings were transplanted into larger containers several weeks ago, and now this week they've moved into their permanent dwellings until autumn.

[Yesterday I planted three new Peony bushes: one Festiva Maxima and the other two Duchess de Nemours]

[A shy bloom on one of the Duchess de Nemours]
Well, with all the gardening I've been doing, and every now and then in need of a half apron (I really think they are quite charming and useful) I purchased some green and stripe fabric with some small pink flowers that is sold in the Tasha Tudor shop, but only cheaper at another website.

I made it exactly like the ones I sell in my etsy shop, and I added some antique lace to the pockets.

[Yes, I wear those funny looking green clogs when tending to the gardens!]
[Folds and folds of petals on our established peony, which I can't remember the name of.]

There won't be to much gardening done today as the weather has turned a bit nippy and drizzly. I have a couple aprons and other sewing projects to work on so I shall skedaddle for the remainder of the day. Have a lovely weekend!

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