Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How Hydrangea's and a Sewing Machine Go Together

Last year I planted my first ever Hydrangea bush. I was so excited. Unfortunately it did not do well for some reason and I treated it with great care. The sad feeling that it died was not just my imagination but a reality.

This spring I was determined to give it another try. Last week I spotted some healthy looking bushes (only 2' but still bushy) for $5.98 over at Lowe's, and saved my reciept in the possiblity of it dying on me. I picked the best one to be found, and while it has no blossoms on it yet, it's supposed to yield pink flora.

I've always liked hydrangeas. Isn't this necklace beautiful?

[Anyone want to buy me one? ;P]

Last week the sewing machine repair people called to say that my sewing machine was now ready to be picked up. They "fixed it" a couple of weeks ago and sadly after only sewing on it for a couple hours it was clearly evident that it was not fixed. So back in it went. Daddy picked it up this morning when he was in town, and I've been  happily sewing on it all day.

What did I sew? A skirt for a friend from church, and this lovely Gracie apron made in some of that Laura Ashley fabric, but only in pink.

The floral print? A delicate hydrangea with the last bit of the vintage lace that I used on my periwinkle apron.

This pink lovely is in the SHOP.

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Emily said...

I like hydrangea's too! Unfortunately we don't have any. :( Your apron is so sweet (if an apron can be called sweet).

If I had the money I would buy you the necklace(and I'd buy one for myself while I was at it) :)