Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend in Pictures

What a busy weekend!

It started Friday night with a fabulous "Reclaiming Hope" rally at my church with a historian who spoke on America's history and politics to a crowd of over 1200 people. Excellent lectures, great music, and some honored WWII veterans.

That evening I dressed up as I would for church or any other special occasion and came up with a "formal" hairstyle that is EASY PEASY. I have thick waist length hair, so I'm not sure how it would work for shorter hair, but you could give it a try. It literally took a couple minutes.

You'll want to have curled hair to start off with. If you're like me who does not have natural ringlets, use a curling iron, flat iron, or (shh, this is what I use: sponge rollers on damp hair and sleep with them in, letting them dry overnight) hot rollers, or what you do to achieve curls. You'll also want some long hair pins, and long bobby pins.


Gather hair over to the side of your head and start wrapping your hair as if you were doing a side bun. Once the ends of your hair are pointing downward and you have a bun look, start adding your hair pins to keep the bun up and making sure to place several where the hair is "just hanging" to achieve that roundish bun look. Add bobby pins to finish off and adjust any stray hair or curls. The extra pins will help support heavy hair, too.

WaLa! A fancy hair-do. :)

Sunday and Monday were both wonderful days of rest and relaxation. Daddy let me use his SLR, and I had fun snapping the following pictures:

Jonny Jump Up's

Water droplets on 'Camelot Lavender' Foxglove's

The last blooming peonies

Catnip growing on the deck

Anyone know what this is? It started growing in one of my gardens a couple of years ago without my permission. But now I don't mind it in there. It's delicate and feminine, not to mention the butterflies love the color.

I never planted the Yarrow either. It came without permission and still doesn't have it. Unfortunately it has nearly overtaken a bed and I can't keep it under control and the roots are quite stubborn. I've been tempted to dump gallons of weed killer on the entire bed, but my lavender patch and shasta daises are in the bed too. Any ideas or suggestions what to do with it?

Have I ever introduced Charity to you all? She is one of my purebred Persian cats. She is only allowed outside when she's in this particular garden and under close supervision. She has a tendany to want to explore the area since we have five different bird feeders in that area and she is certain that she wants to catch one of the flying critters. Just to play with, of course.

Bird watching
This afternoon I was able to get three aprons cut out, so hopefully they will be available sometime this week. One is from a vintage pattern that I've never sewn with before. It should be fun, and sure, I'll post pictures.


Kerry said...

Would you post more photos of the yellow flower and its leaves for identification purposes?

Laura said...

Ooh, your foxglove and peonies are so pretty. Your garden sounds wonderful!

Sarah said...

Your cat Charity is beautiful!! She looks like a really sweet cat. I enjoyed all of the photos. Thank you for sharing!


Naomi T. said...

We used to have that plant grow wild in Montana. I believe it is the Piptanthus nepalensis -- yellow flowering pea plant. But I'm not sure. :)

Love all the pictures! And the hairstyle. Beautiful. :)

Elyssa said...

I like the hairstyle! It's lovely! I used to have waste and below the waste length hair for years... but I cut it so it's at about my elbows now. :-)

Anonymous said...

You're yellow flower looks like the Bird's Foot Trefoil that grows in our hay fields.

Cheri said...

Thankyou ladies for your sweet comments and imput. Looking up your ideas, I found that it is indeed Bird's Foot Trefoil!

Rachel said...

I like this. I think if the hair were a little shorter, perhaps one could create a bun by placing elevated pin curls in a mass rather than wrapping it and then leaving a few strands on the appropriate side loose to pin into the "bun" afterward. I think maybe I'll pin this. I hope you don't mind. :)