Thursday, May 31, 2012

Progress in the Bathroom

I haven't even touched my sewing machines this week (sorry if I got your hopes up!). Letter writing, gardening & weeding have been taking place and now some bathroom renovation is taking place this weekend!

We've had this wallpaper up for 10 years and it's time to see it go. We learned that it isn't wise to have wallpaper and a border in a bathroom that gets used by seven children taking steaming showers and hot baths.

We have our friend Abigail over (her mom was the one that put it up) to show us what to do and so we're all working together.

A family favorite soup is now on the stove: Garden Pottage served with Potato Dill bread. Don't let the last word of the soup turn you off; it is so good you can serve it to guests. The recipe says so, and we're doing it tonight.

We're thinking of paint colors now and some say blue, or a light sea foam blue/green, or gray. Seaside colors, anyone? :) We haven't come to any conclusions, and we're open to any other ideas or links you'd like to send our way!

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