Saturday, June 02, 2012

Vintage 1940s McCall #1124 Apron

Working with original patterns is always fun, and if it's an apron pattern - well, even more so! I used vintage McCall #1124 view C for this apron, copyright date 1944. Take a look at that half apron: nothing boring about it! In fact, you'll be sporting around the house in vintage inspired glamour!

Another detail? I prayed over this apron. :) Yes, every now and then I pray over sewing projects. Sometimes whatever I'm working on is especially challenging, or perhaps the thread is running oh so low and I'm finishing the hem on a garment. This time I was 90% certain that the black rick rack that I was in the middle of sewing onto the hem of the apron would not be enough. Would I take it all off, or combine two separate lengths together despite it looking tacky? I asked God if He would please make it just long enough so I wouldn't have to rip or tack.

He answered, and I even had this 1/4" piece left over. :)

Like I read this morning in Ps. 34: "O taste and see that the LORD is good." Yes, it may be a very small or even insignificant thing to pray that there would be enough rick rack, but God still answered and I saw that the Lord is good.

Here be the finished product:

It really is a flattering style with the gathered flounce in the hem of the skirt (instead of ton of gathers at the waist making ones waist look larger; something most of us try to avoid!) and with that vintage rick rack all around, who could resist?

It's up in the shop if you'd like to make this lovely apron yours!


Sarah said...

Absolutely adorable!!


Elyssa said...

God is so good! :-) I pray over sewing projects too, and my cooking! ;-) And He answers! :-)

Lovely apron.

MrsSM said...

God IS good--I pray over my sewing projects all the time, and He works in mighty ways for me, too:).

Thanks for sharing that!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cheri
Love, love the apron-definitely one of my favorite styles.
Question-where do you get all your
beautiful fabric? It sure seems you have an abundance of it! Even with coupons at Joanns, I can only buy so much :(
You are so talented!

Cheri said...

Thankyou everyone!

I find my fabric at nearly any source you can imagine: JoAnns, other craft-related stores, flea markets, consignment shops, thrift and antique shops, and once in a while someone will pass on their stash to me, or alot of times there will be extra yardage from a another sewing project (ie, a dress) that I use. You are most certainly correct in that I've been blessed with an abundance.