Wednesday, June 06, 2012

A Hole in the Wall

Just yesterday while touring downtown, I stepped into a little hole in the wall sewing shop. My first step was onto creaky hardwood floors (a great way to impress me if I'm walking into your store) but just outside was a small vintage table full of sale items. There were high-quality fabrics, patterns from familiar names like Amy Butler, Colette, and others who have a retro flare to their styles (another way to impress me).

I was in this little store for a good 15 to 20 minutes chatting with the lady who was there working. "We probably have to many girls on our staff," she said when I asked if they were hiring. (Bummer! I would totally love to work in a place like this one!) The girl and I went on to talk about the fabrics, vintage patterns, and other little things for sale there. 

She gave me a card of pink coral rick rack. "Oh, you can just have it!" she said when I walked up to the counter, prepared to pay $1 for it. I will be back soon! :)

When in town I stopped by a favorite thrift store and found 4 yards of this poly/cotton fabric. It's a vintage piece (I know, because it's 35" wide) and can hardly wait to make something for summer out of it. I also picked up some back issues of Victoria. I'm not into magazines whatsoever, but I do so enjoy flipping through the back issues of this lovely one. Anyone else fans of Victoria magazines?

I also discovered another tiny "hole in the wall" tea shop while in town. Oh my! :) Will have go back there, as I was pressed for time. If you live remotely close to me, and are an avid tea drinker, we must go there! :) 

Ahh yes. And while speaking of 'holes in the walls', perhaps some of you are wondering how our bathroom renovation is coming along. It is coming, though not as fast as some of us would like. With busy schedules and many of them at various and different times, we haven't had much time together to work on it.

Today and tomorrow we are hoping to get most if not all of it done. We're going to go pick a suitable color later this morning; we decided either a beige or a light pewter blue (more gray than blue, but blue enough to satisfy some members of the family) for the walls, and we're seriously thinking of doing a wainscoting on the large wall. Will post pictures!

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