Friday, June 08, 2012

Jewelry Organization

It started with a plastic bag, and before I knew it, I had several tiny plastic bags (probably used for small craft beads, but it worked!) for necklaces and kept my earrings on their earring cards. All of which were held in one large bag.

For awhile I had a metal stand from the thrift store that held many of my necklaces, and the earring cards fit on perfectly. The only problem? It made my the top of my desk look quite cluttered. So back into the fabric bag they went.

This week I was paid for sewing jobs that I did this spring and used some of that money to buy a stackable organizer. My sister has the same one, and I finally decided (after 2-3 years...I admit that I take my time in many things...) that having one would be quite useful.

I love the small compartments for earrings. And look! I have 5 spaces left for more! ;P

Antique necklaces are fun, but then I like a delicate and feminine look.

As you can see I prefer wearing silver. :) The gold one is a replica of the "flying necklace" that Rose wore on the film, "Titanic." These larger squares are perfect for bracelets. Being a violinist, I find that I don't wear them much though. The round little thing in the lower left is a container that I use to hold the backings of my earrings.

And some longer or more expensive necklaces that I bought brand new go in the largest spots. The others I've picked up at consignment shops or flea markets.

So, how do YOU organize your jewelry?

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