Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Skirts, machines, tea, and other sundry things

• It was around 1:30 yesterday afternoon that I was able to call Mrs. L. up to say that her red brocade skirt was ready. Instead of the tiered skirt pattern, we used McCalls 5523. It seemed a touch dressier with all those cute options for the back of the skirt, and I'm glad she chose that because the brocade isn't a flowing fabric like a linen or suiting. We did view B, and added two inches the the hem. She also wanted it lined (does anyone else line the inside of their skirts? I never do!) so it felt like I was making two skirts. :) I prayed through the entire time of sewing it (this is for her daughter's wedding, not a Sunday School picnic!) and gratefully, it went together nicely. I can't say that I'd want to sew with brocade anytime soon though. It felt like it would easily snag, it's dense and it unravels like CRAZY, but not like a silk fabric. I and my sewing room was covered from head to toe, carpet to tables in little fibers that refused to come off even with a lint roller. But the skirt was finished in time, and Mrs. L loved it so that is what matters. :)

• Shortly after she picked it up, Daddy told me that my sewing machine and serger were ready to be picked up at the repair shop. While I've been so grateful to my sister for letting me use her machines these last two weeks (and her's a newer models with fancier buttons & things) I was so ready to have mine back again! Obviously, I got back to sewing a project as soon as we got home. Though very sadly, they didn't fix something right on my sewing machine so we're taking it back to the shop this morning.

• The sewing project I mentioned is almost finished! I just have to put the sleeves in, and make the belt. That is it! If you're a brand new blog reader (welcome!) I've been working on a 1914 dress in between sewing projects for others. I'm hoping to complete it today in between giving violin lessons, errands, and normal life.

[Molly, Leah, and I on Sunday after we went out for lunch]
• Late last night I relisted over 30 sewing patterns on ebay. There are a few vintage (30s/40s era) that I'll be listing shortly. Check them out if you need any girls or women's pattern.

• Oh yes, and in both of my etsy shops (Peasant Cottage and Tally Skirts) I'm offering FREE shipping today (5/2) when you use the code: SHIPFREE when checking out.

• So perhaps you read the title of this post and have read through the entire thing in hopes of reading about the delight of tea drinking, and have read nothing about it up until now. I wanted to save the "best for last" today, and truly, this is the best advice you'll read about tea today:

If you like french vanilla creamer in your earl grey tea like I do, and try to substitute it with almond milk (because said creamer is empty and there is no half 'n half to be found) you will be sorely disapointed.

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Great post! LOVE,LOVE the sisters picture! You are a great blessing1