Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Shirley Poppies & Bees

Two years ago my family brought home a huge tin full of wild flower seeds from the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. This spring I attempted to plant every kind of seed that it contained (no, not all of the seeds, but a couple of each kind) and several came up, but I had no idea as to what was growing other than recognizing the cosmos and shasta daisies.

I had at least three good size plants to transfer into my flower garden, but they have been a mystery to me up until this week. I now have some Plains Coreopis blooming in vibrant color and just this morning I learned that I have Shirley Poppies in the most gorgeous coral color you could imagine:

A week or so ago I learned that I was growing some kind of poppy (as I have another variety of white and yellows blooming) by recognizing the prickly head, but it wasn't until this morning when I was out watering that I noticed this beauty. The plant was bending down from more heads ready to pop into glorious splendor, so I made sure to stake them.

My "bench garden" is bursting with more color from delphiniums, zinnas, primroses, salvia, and a blooming bush (can't recall the name!) that the bees are just loving. They are quite busy this time of year, I think!

I am as well, and have a couple projects on the table to accomplish this week. You'll see a couple in the shop here soon. Oh, and which reminds me: A little bee told me that all half aprons will be on sale for $10 each this Saturday, so mark your calenders! :)

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Laura said...

How fun! I'm sure your garden is gorgeous. (I just made myself some tea in a Grand Hotel mug, BTW). :)