Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ethel's Strawberry Patch

"We just told you, Father. We were berry picking!"
"...It's, uh, to early for blueberries."

"They were strawberries!"
"Well, it's been so cold lately they've turned blue!"

Perhaps a favorite line of berry picking in classic films. (From "The Sound of Music" if you couldn't guess!)

Last evening I finished up my 2nd-to-be-made Ethel apron. The design is from this vintage apron I found on etsy two years ago, and when I made the first one it was sold within a couple of hours I think.

Goodness me, though!! I forgot how much rick rack it takes to sew one of these. This style seems to be more work than the others too since every piece or fabric edge has to be serged and then sewed down with rick rack. Either way, though this does take a bit moreof everything, I think I'll try to sew this style as much as I do the others. The sizing is more of medium/large, but it is oh-so-flattering for a fuller figure.

See more pictures for yourself!

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