Monday, July 02, 2012

Breaking News (in the world of sewing)

It rarely ever happens.

Over the course of several months I've had several projects on my tables, dozens of fabrics (literally), and patterns belonging to said fabrics falling over and yet all piling together in one big massive mess that would only make sense to the seamstress. (Please tell me that you can understand or visually get that picture because you have one yourself.)

As of this afternoon I now have two little neatly arranged piles that contain no pressing projects. I repeat: nothing that needs to be sewn except that which will be for leisurely fun such as a white Edwardian dress or blouse.

This happens every year or two and when it does, I relish in the delight of nothing to sew. It gives me room to breathe, step back and evaluate goals for sewing, future projects and ideas, as well as the time to go through notion drawers, fabric stashes, and pattern boxes to see what I will actually use or if I'm just keeping it "because I like it" or "because it's cute."

::happy dance::

As a totally random note, the raspberry season is just coming on here at the cottage and if you've never tasted homegrown raspberries, you don't know what you're missing out on! I'm hoping there will be enough to make a small batch of jam.


Lady M said...

I can imagine your mess as clear as day. Only because I'm looking at my own leaning tower of fabric right now. Congratulations on your biyearly organizing success!

If only I had the will power to actually weed out excess trims and goodies. Too bad my mind thinks up more projects than my hands can accomplish.

I can also taste the warm raspberries right off the bush now...YUM! We've been without fresh raspberries for 4 years now since we moved. I sure do miss them. Eat a couple extra for me!

Amanda Faith said...

I WISH I only had a pile to contend with. However, my stash is spread around in shelves, drawers, boxes, as well as in the floor. Congratulations on your organization!