Friday, July 27, 2012

Feminine Dressing

Not long ago two family members told me at two different times in one day, "Oh!" (can you hear the surprise in the word?) You look nice today!"

It made me think how easy it is to throw some clothes on with little or no thought as to my appearance. Sure it may be clean, but sometimes wearing a tank and the denim skirt that has been in the closet for years may not be the most presentable thing to wear. It serves well when cleaning bathrooms and wiping down kitchen floors, but I think all to often I've succumbed to wearing what is easy and comfortable instead of freshly pleasant and feminine.

Talking about family history recently and talking of our European ancestors, English Esquires among them, my youngest brother pipes up excitedly, "We could be be royalty!" Of course we all laughed it his ignorance, but his comment made me think in a much grander way of a very real truth.

As a Christian, I AM royalty.

God is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and as His daughter I am made a Princess. Thankfully, God is more concerned about who I am on the inside than if I'm wearing a yellow ball gown or pink ribbons and delicate lace though at the same time, we are always representing someone or something whether we like it or are aware of it. Sometimes it's easy to forget that. This is something I want to be a little more conscientious of, though I may not always be wearing my choicest clothing or sport Kate Middleton styles. :)

Fishing for compliments is not wise, but you're probably on the right track when your brother sees you walk down the stairs and says, "You look pretty!" (I think they like it when women look like women.)


Sarah said...

Wonderful post! And so very true.

Cheri said...

I should have also said that I have not arrived in this. I'm always learning and growing!

Elyssa said...

Love it! :-)

And love the hair due! Could you post a tutorial on how to do it?