Monday, July 30, 2012

Down Memory Lane...

I was at a thrift store several weeks ago and spotted that fabric, and instantly it took me down "memory lane" of shortly after we moved here from the west coast.

I knew how to sew, but the only thing I sewed was doll dresses for 18" dolls. That's how I taught myself how to sew. Sewing for people was not on my charts, until a girl, not much older than I, from church said making real dresses would be so much easier to make. She came over for a few afternoons to show me what to do. After making one or two simple dresses, I made a dress on my very own using the most beautiful blue calico I ever saw. It was worn only for church and special outings. It eventually wore out as did that favorite style of  dress. (Please, oh please tell me you have no idea what a cape dress is!)

Trying to find a picture of me wearing the favored dress was fruitless but in the meantime, I am appalled to see my choice of styles back then and to imagine that I went out in public in them! I hereby think that those pictures should be burned!! ;P

Dear me.

Anyway, I stood there looking at this fabric that was only a yard in length while trying to decide if whether I should get it. The print remains to be lovely and in a favorite shade of blue, I bought it. :) It would be made into a more up to date style in the form of an apron.

Using a favorite pattern, I used Sew Liberated's Emmeline style. I chose a striking black for the straps and ties, and then some left over Moda fabric from my stash for the other side.

The delicate blue flowers are the same shade as the blue calico.

Finished over the weekend, I am now ready to start making new memories!


Amanda said...

Haha! Sorry to disappoint you, but I know what a cape dress is...though I was spared that *particular* style, I had plenty of prairie muffin oh-so-homeschoolery puffed-sleeve calico dresses. It was so fun to buy a few yards of fabric and have a new--wonderful!--beautiful!--dress. :) Ah, nostalgia...I just keep hoping that in another decade or so I won't look back at my current pictures and feel like burning them, too! :D

Cheri said...

I laughed when I read this, Amanda. :) "Prairie muffin" dresses were also a staple in my wardwobe for quite awhile, too!

Very true about what is current now. I've been attempting (though haven't always succeeded) to stay with classic styles, and then enjoy a few trendy pieces sprinkled in.

Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

Cape dresses?? Ah me yes. I grew up in a church that required them . . . we had no other style. I'm very glad to not have to mess with sewing them any more and enjoy more variety in my wardrobe. ;-)