Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The Gift of Music

This spring and summer I've had the delight to teach two girls, and today they gave their first mini recital (even if it was for their families). Teaching, as I told their mothers today, is stretching but also very rewarding. It is my prayer as a teacher who is still learning violin (and the skill of teaching it to others!) that I'd be able to perceive their weaknesses and praise their strengths.

A couple of weeks ago, on of my students mother's gave me a book that was found in her parents possessions. Little did she know that I love antiques almost as much as violin. What could be a better gift than a combination of both? :)

Sorry that the following picture is sideways (it refuses to turn around!) but if you crank your necksideways, you'll see the copyright date of 1885.

Being strict in posture and technique, I must say that I was quite appalled at their illustrations just inside the front cover! Everything shown (other than the feet) is quite atrocious! Sometimes its good to learn from our forefathers, but this is not one of those things! ;) If a violinist is looking for some help in the right direction, it won't be this but my teacher's DVDs over at Violin Virtuosity. Her scale book is the only one a violinist (or violist!) will ever need, just in case anyone out there is looking for one!

The book starts out with beginner exercises...

...and closes with some more advanced etudes.

While I probably will only use this book on display and not in my teaching studio, I'm grateful for the generosity and the gift of music, the gift of violin, the gift of students, and the gift of God's grace!

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