Saturday, August 25, 2012

Me? Win?

This summer I happened upon a blog called "Dressed Her Days Vintage."
It was a charming read of vintage dressing and styling, (a recent post was on cranberry red lipstick - imagine the fun!) and the owner of this lovely blog had a giveaway in the works of four patterns she was willing to part with. All one had to do was pick a favorite and tell her so (and probably subscribe to her blog, but who wouldn't want to?!).
I spotted a gorgeous evening wear dress pattern from 1936. The 30s fashions intrigue me with their cuts, their pleats, their collars, and the overall distinguished feminine appearance.

So I entered. Just like the scores of giveaways I've entered in before with knowing that I was probably wasting my time. In fact, in the last year or two I've completely given up on entering giveaways all together!

I actually forgot about it, until a couple days before leaving for college. I visited her blog to see who the winners were, trying to not be envious of the winner who wanted the 1936 dress pattern as much as I did. Scrolling down to see the usual unfamiliar names listed, my eyes got big. Really big.

Cheri, of, 1936 dress pattern

Surely there was a mistake. Someone else has a similar blog name to mine. But if there was a similar blog to mine, they surely couldn't own my name and my not-so-widely-used spelling of it! It had to be!

Within minutes I received a personal e-mail saying that I had indeed won the pattern. I was and still am completely delighted since I've never won any giveaway in my life before. :) With being in college now, the making of a dress will have to wait until December. But that should give me enough time to decide what fabric to use. Any ideas?


Laura said...

Ooooo, lovely! A nice rayon crepe or challis would be just the thing, I think. :)
Congrats on your win! I've only ever won one giveaway too so we're even. ;-) I'll go check out that blog now...

Sarah said...

Such a neat pattern! Congratulations. : )

Cheri said...

Thanks for the suggestions, Laura. I'm not even sure if I know what either of those fabrics are, but I like the sound of them. ;)

Crystal Hammon said...

I have no doubt that you'll be beautiful in whatever you pick! Keep studying and working hard. One day, there will be time for sewing. So happy that we've made friends over fashion!

Best, crystal!