Wednesday, September 05, 2012

A Car Show in June

Every year our church has a Car and Motorcycle show on Father's Day as sort of an outreach ministry to the community. If you like old cars (or expensive ones!) it is a great afternoon to look around and talk to proud owners about their cars.

While I know I normally will talk about sewing, gardening, and recipes, and rightly so since I am a girl, but I must say that I do love old cars. One of my dreams is to ride in one someday, and not just in Michigan's Greenfield Village, but out on the real road. Anything from a Model T to 1940s would suit me fine. :)

Anyway, these are a few pictures my sister and I took that afternoon:

Reflections in a hub cap

Probably my favorite with the striking red interior
Hello. :)

Fancy logos
If you were bored to death with cars, forgive my vintage-car-love and wait patiently for an upcoming post that suits to the usual standards of the blog. ;)

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