Tuesday, September 18, 2012


On a general basis, I try not to make a post on blogs or links to blogs. Even the ones that I have listed on the side, as wonderful as they may be, are not what I could always endorse. There is alot like that out in the internet, media, literature, the arts (and life?) in general. An older woman once told my sisters and I, "eat the watermelon, but spit out the seeds."

Now that the introduction has been made, :) I'd like to share two blogs with you that recently posted on the topic of beauty.

Beauty. What is it, anyway? Certainly in a world such as ours today, it can mean wide variety of things.

Last week author and blog writer posted an excellent post on this very topic. After reading it, I sat silence for quiet awhile, and wondered what my life would have looked like if only words of grace were spoken to me instead of the other things said to me and about me said behind my back but well within hearing range.

Being a reserved and quiet natured sort of person, I generally don't struggle with letting words slip out of "Wow, you've really been eating the sugar haven't you!" or "She certainly takes after her mother's flat-as-a-board genes" but on the flip side, the article challenged me to encourage my sisters, my friends, and even my little friends with words that speak grace: to speak words that build up, encourage, and give glory to God at the same time. Sometimes it's the words left unsaid that can wound, too. I speak from experience on both sides of the coin.

The other link I wanted to mention was this one on Reclaiming Beauty. Two sisters are hosting the webinar on this very topic and looking at their index of topics to cover, it looks like it would be interesting and most likely helpful in some aspects. If you can't afford the webinar (like me!) they are offer the first session for free, and it starts next week. More details are here.

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Laura said...

Thanks for the reminder; I, like you, am a reserved and quiet person so it doesn't come naturally to me to be an outspoken encourager. I ought to be more purposeful to encourage my sisters in Christ, especially younger ones (well do I remember the insecurity of being a young teenager!).