Monday, October 29, 2012


A mug of chamomile tea is brewing as I type this. Homework is done (a rarity before 8pm!) and I wanted to come over to say hello to all my 90+ readers. I tried journaling some deep thoughts earlier this evening, but the words won't come (so frustrating!) so I'll type a few random things here on the blog.

It is currently just two degrees above 40 right now with a forecasted wind chill of 16 tonight. With the wind and weather such as what we're having right now, I almost felt like I was back home! I kept my black peacoat coat and isotoner gloves on nearly all day. Obviously, I had to take them off when I had my violin lesson. :) Much to my often gratitude this time of year, that one particular window in the big room faces the south and the sun helps warm many a student. Of course playing the 1st movement of the Bruch violin concerto is bound to warm up anyone, too! ;)

Over the weekend I sold four more aprons to the shop owner in town. She was quite delighted with them, and loved the Tasha Tudor style ones her employee picked out a couple weeks ago, but decided to trade them out with two other half-aprons. Because I already took the listings for the Tasha Tudor aprons off of etsy, and never saved any of the pictures or info I listed, they may not be online for another six weeks or so. But they are once again available, for anyone who had their eye on one of them.

Has anyone seen Wuthering Heights, with the actress Tom Hardy? 2009 version? For several years now I've heard the name bounced around several times but never read the book or watched the movie up until a few weeks ago. A friend introduced to me her favorite version, and so we cuddled up with quilts and watched it on my laptop. Emily Bronte, the sister to Charlotte Bronte (who is known for her Jane Eyre) wrote Wuthering Heights in a similar fashion that borders creepy, melancholy, and romantic. There are some ::ahem:: romantic parts to be fast-forwarded, and if you can get past the modernized hairstyles and clothing, and like "darker" movies, it's a fun one to watch. Over Christmas break, I'm hoping to read the book. It's one of those movies where reading the book might fill in missing details or clear up confusions that weren't evident in watching it.

Have a lovely week, my friends!

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