Friday, October 26, 2012

The Home Stretch

You know you're on the home stretch when your hands/wrists remain sore even after a good night of sleep (ie, lots of violin practice + HW on the computer) and your brain feels like it's starting to run out of space for more information.

A little over 6 weeks and the fall semester will be completed.

I can do this, through Christ who strengthens me.

A few verses from my Bible reading this morning that are so fitting:

"For thou art my hope, O Lord God: thou art my trust from my youth.

But I will hope continually, and will yet praise thee more and more. My mouth shall shew forth thy righteousness and thy salvation all the day; for I know not the numbers thereof. I will go in the strength of the Lord God: I will make mention of thy righteousness, even of thine only.

Thou shalt increase my greatness, and comfort me on every side. I will also praise thee with the psaltery, even thy truth, O my God: unto thee will I sing with the harp, O thou Holy One of Israel. My lips shall greatly rejoice when I sing unto thee; and my soul, which thou hast redeemed."

Psalm 71:5, 14-16, 21-23

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