Saturday, May 25, 2013

A "love-hate" relationship

Today I am in the sewing room working with the most dreadful and horrid of fabrics you can imagine. Even the lady at the fabric store, who was cutting the ivory silky stuff (don't recall the name, but I'll find out what it is) cautioned me of it's atrocious nature.

Despite the crumminess, they are indeed pretty! Already mentioning the light colored fabric (and I paid dearly for it!) I got away with a steal of only paying a dollar or two for the vintage print. I'm not sure if it's rayon or not, but it sort of feels like it. When I washed it though, it didn't shrink much; for which I was very glad since it was 35" from selvage to selvage.

Here's hoping the final results will be worth it!

When working with such materials, it makes me oh-so-happy to sew with cotton. In fact, my wardrobe use to consist entirely of cottons for awhile. One spring we girls and Mother-dear made matching blue calico dresses to wear on Mother's Day. But that's not all. Our friends had the exact same print made up into dresses. Imagine the fun 10 women and girls had walking into church with matching dresses. ;) We probably have pictures somewhere, that should probably stay right where they are. Haha! While the dresses are long gone, it's the memory of them that made me smile when I made up a Gracie apron yesterday using that exact same fabric.

The color reminds me of the blue flax that grows on the wild prairies of Colorado, hence its name: Blue Flax

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