Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Jane Austen Regency Dress

When I spotted this fabric well over a year ago at an estate sale, right away I knew that it would be perfect made in a Regency dress. On the selvages it says that it's from London, so "it was just destined to be" as the saying goes. :)
Using my favorite standby of the Elegant Ladies Closest pattern from Sense & Sensibility, it only took two days to complete. That said, I obviously didn't sew this one by hand, but it went together nicely.

It was purposely made not to fit me, since it is always to tempting for me to keep everything I sew. :) Instead of selling it on ebay as I have always done in the past, I now have it listed in my etsy shop right here!


Sarah said...

Lovely dress! The fabric is a great color for the Regency style. I hope you will post photos of the swing era dress you are sewing too. : ) I love the style.

Cheri said...

Sarah, I'd be happy to oblige your request for pictures once I sew it up. Yesterday I spent my allotted "sewing time" on cutting out a white 1914 dress. ;)