Monday, July 29, 2013

Burning the Midnight Oil

It has been FAR to long since I've made a Regency dress. It seems as if the dozens I made a few years back wore me out being "stuck" in that time period with limited other projects for variety. The fabric I'm using this week is perfect for a Regency dress. Pictures will most likely be up tomorrow or the following day.

Earlier today I sewed up a toile bodice of a 1940s Swing Dress. One of my sisters will be going to a Retro-Diner themed dinner at P4C2013 with Vision4Living Ministries later this fall, and I'm in charge of sewing up her dress. She chose a gorgeous fabric and I can hardly wait to cut into it! However we were both SO glad that the time was taken to sew a mockup. Not only did it help in knowing where alterations need to be done, but also a trial run through with a new-to-me pattern.

Sometime before I leave in the next couple weeks I have hopes in sewing a white Edwardian afternoon dress (similar to this one that I have regrets in selling!), but there is so much to be done that it may have to wait until next summer. One of these days a full set of "unmentionables" is on my "to-sew" list.

What are all my friends and blog readers working on this week?


MrsSM said...

I am looking forward to seeing your finished projects. I hope you do have enough time to sew the white dress.

I've recently been interested in sewing bags. I find that they require very similar skills to quilting (even though I'm not a quilter), and they're easier to "fit" than clothes are (but I haven't given up on those either!) This is a project I'm starting on:

I think it's the hardware that gets me. I enjoy working with hardware, and my husband likes to fiddle with things like rivets and grommets and magnetic snaps!

I hope your sewing goes well and is profitable for you.

S said...

Skirts! Lots of A-lines for me and my sister. We both have recently lost a bunch of weight and new skirts were (and still are!) definitely in order!

I'm really looking forward to seeing all your projects!

Cheri said...

MrsSM, what an adorable bag pattern! Sewing up totes is quite fun, but I've never done any with hardware. How nice of your husband to enjoy putting things in those little details!

S, sounds like fun! And making up new ones in smaller sizes is doubly enjoyable!