Saturday, July 27, 2013

Preparation for Playing House

For the first two years of being a college student, I was blessed to live with good families who kindly took me under their wings. For the remainder two years, Lord willing, I'll be sharing a house with good friends, who are also college students. With four other girls of various majors, it will certainly be a fun experience. Just a couple more weeks!

One of the girls is bringing a couch from their family basement, and I am in charge of bringing pillows for it.

My aunt gave me this piece of yardage when we were at her place a few weeks ago. The stripe is actually the "wrong side" of a very ugly 70s looking textured plaid, but when flipped to this side it looks quite modern. I added some black trimming to help break up all those lines.

The smaller pillow was simply made from two home d├ęcor swatches from JoAnn's that were on sale for $1 a piece, and then I got 20% off that with my student discount this month. Yay for cheap prices!

With each of us needing our own personal space to study and/or practice music, we are all each so thankful that we'll have our own bedrooms! Whether it was out of the goodness of their hearts or it being the last bedroom available, they've given me the master bedroom and bathroom. I won't pretend to lie that it has been great fun looking in thrift stores or the clearance racks for items to bring. While I was never one of those girl's who collected everything but the four walls of a house, I have tucked away a few things for "someday" that now will make themselves useful. Though some things will remain behind at my parents house, such as the paper-thin dessert glasses from Grandma, my antique silver plated tea service and serving dishes, or my collection of antique and modern books.

I saw this picture on Pinterest a few weeks ago and it's my inspiration for my bathroom.

Grey washcloths in an antique silver-plated wire basket is a start.

I picked up this antique mason jar at the thrift store the other day for my cotton balls

Many years ago a friend once told me after she had gotten married and was setting up housekeeping, "I feel like a child playing house!" It has somewhat felt that way, though thankfully I'm not on my own with having to set up the house. We're all bringing what we can, and it has been neat to see how we all have things that no one else has. God is at work, even in these small details, and we're so thankful!


Laura said...

Cheri, how fun! It is neat to see the effort you are putting into little homey touches. That is something we ladies love to do, I think. :). I am learning that even if you don't have total control over the look of your house due to renting, lack of finances, etc. you can still create personal "vignettes" here and there.
I am sure you will make some lifelong friendships living with these other girls. What a blessing!

Sarah said...

I really like your inspiration photos. Pintrest is a great place for collecting decorating ideas, I found it helpful in choosing colors for my new home.

May the LORD bless you this upcoming school year!

Cheri said...

Thankyou Laura and Sarah! Pictures will be sure to follow once we girls move in. :)