Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer Holiday in Pictures - Part 5

Finally, the last few pictures of worth to share online. Trust me, a large family being cramped in a 29' RV for two weeks one can get many, shall we say, interesting pictures. ;)

Ah well, here are the last few favorites up on Lake Huron.

The sunset the following day from the above picture. One night we had an electric, stunning sunset and the following a calming one. I love Michigan. :)
Mackinac Island seen from the mainland.
I promise that the two bugs/spiders (?) were not seen until after I had taken this picture!
We visited my dear Grandma and Grandpa Fred a few days, and they had massive thunderstorms come in everyday. The violent downpours and large hail "ruined my flowers" Grandma bemoaned, but I thought these begonias still looked lovely even after all the rain.

The day before we left the state while we were visiting my aunt, we toured a 19-teens home not to far from the southern end of Lake Michigan. It was a beautiful, cozy home decorated as if she was expecting guests. My aunt, who is a neighbor to this lady, said she lives like this all the time. I couldn't help but notice that there was a tea service in nearly every room, with a couple of antique books within arms reach. Her décor style is exactly how I've always envisioned my own home to be and now I wish I would have snapped a few pictures since I don't know how to describe it. :) At the time, I wasn't sure if it would have been impolite to take pictures of her home so I refrained from asking. The elderly lady has lived in all sorts of interesting places, many of which she has restored. At one time in her life, she owned a large estate that Abigail Adams (yes, wife of John Adams) once spent the night in. Such an interesting, yet gracious woman is this neighbor lady of my Aunt's!

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