Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Giveaway Winner!

Considering that it has been years since I've had a giveaway and over that time my blog has been somewhat silent at times, having 46 entries was a good number to have!

Rafflecopter provides a handy button that says "Pick the winner" and it uses to choose it. Just moments ago I pushed that button and up came:

Alicia of cookinganne@...........

Congrats to Alicia! You should have an email in your inbox by now asking for your mailing address.

As for the rest of the ladies to entered: thankyou so much for your thoughtful and kind comments! My sincere apologies that you did not win, but as a little "thankyou" for entering, I have a coupon code for the shop of 15% off your purchase through Saturday. Use the code 15SALE.

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