Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer Holiday in Pictures - Part 1

For any of my readers who would be interested in seeing a bit of what I was blessed to enjoy for two weeks, I'll be posting some pictures of our summer holiday that was spent in the beautiful Midwest:

Passing the driving time with books was fun. (No worries. Dad was driving the RV, not me!) I could actually complete a book in two days! :)

The sunlight danced and played on the beautiful green hills along the road

Finally on the lovely shores of Lake Michigan

How good it felt to feel sand between my toes!
We stayed along the shore as the moon rose over Lake Michigan

Back at our campsite, we celebrated our first evening in Michigan by roasting marshmallows as we heard the small waves lap up against the sand, the night calls of birds nearby, and the distant voices of other campers. No doubt ours were the loudest with laughter.


Sarah said...

Beautiful photos Cheri! It must have been a lovely time.

Samantha said...

Beautiful pictures! Michigan or Wisconsin side of the lake?? Depending on what side, you may have very close to me!


Cheri said...

Thankyou Sarah and Samantha for your kind words! Samantha, we were on the Michigan side of the lake. We spent the majority of our time in Mackinaw City. More pictures will be up soon!