Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Holiday in Pictures - Part 2

Today I stationed myself by our kitchen counter to cut out some sewing projects. If I could only complain about two things related to sewing, it would be cutting out  and sewing hidden-side pockets. It's strange, I know.

Here is another installment of pictures:

One of our afternoons spent in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan was at Tahquamenon Falls

We decended 116 steps to get another view of the falls, and right before we ascended them, Mom took this picture of us. L to R: Stephen, myself, Molly, Evan, and Dad. My other sisters Erin and Leah, and brother Ryan, were not able to join us on the trip.

While we were in the neck of the woods, we stopped at the Whitefish Point Lighthouse that is apart of the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum in Paradise, MI.

We took the tour and went up in the lighthouse. It was overcast that day, but feeling the dampness, the wind, and the beating water drive against your face was what one wants to feel at a lighthouse. If we had not had a schedule planned out, I think we would have stopped at other lighthouses. We were all wondering the same thing: "Why has it been so long to finally visit one??"
Mom and I ran into a fabric store in Paradise. The prices were outrageous on everything, but they did have some high quality quilting fabrics, and some gorgeous skeins of yarn. Were I better at knitting and crocheting, I think I would have been sorely tempted to pick up a color or two.


Linda said...

Even though I've lived in the Upper Peninsula for most of my life, I have not yet visited Tahquamenon Falls! :( My husband and I have plans to change that sad fact next week, so thanks for whetting my appetite!

Cheri said...

Linda, what a delightful surprise to hear from an old pen-pal! :) Thanks for stopping by and saying, "hello." DO go to the falls, for they are gorgeous!