Sunday, November 03, 2013

Lemons & Royal Staffordshire

After making these Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins (yay for pinterest!) yesterday, Mom gave me the idea of taking a few pictures of one on her antique plates.
As with every Christmas, we will often hit the flea markets or antique stores for a gift for Mom. One year I took Dad to my favorite places, and he spotted a lovely tea cup, saucer, and plate collection from England put out by Royal Staffordshire. It was on sale, too, so it came home with us that year.


A cup of tea with a slice of lemon completes an afternoon tea time.


Sarah said...


Your muffin looks delightful, the perfect addition to a cup of tea. : )

I love blue and white dishes. Your mom's set is so lovely. There is something timeless and classic about blue and white.


Cheri said...

Sarah, I too like blue & white dishes and agree that they are such that never go out of "style" not to mention give a homing flair to the kitchen or dining room. :)

Have a lovely week!