Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Pattern Collection Series

Have you ever wished to see inside someone else's sewing room or crafting space? I really enjoyed Shannon's blog posts on her creative spaces and how she organizes things. I was tempted to hop in with her and a few other bloggers, but my sewing room is a sight to be seen (and not in a positive way)!

But I thought I could share with my friends what my pattern collection looks like. Am I the only one who wishes for a peek inside others pattern collection?

Over the last few months I've greatly reduced my collection. Partly because I sew for myself a lot less than 10-15 years ago, and some (many?) patterns were distinctly 80s/90s looking that no longer hold their interest like they used to. ;) Recently I thought I was down to around 15 modern patterns, but the other day I counted at least 40. Oops!

Breaking it up into few sections,  I'll "feature" each in its own category:
  • Baby/Toddler/Child
  • Ladies Apparel
  • Vintage (1969 and earlier)
  • Historically Inspired/Reproductions
But for today here is a look into how I store my patterns.

I keep my smaller, "standard sized" patterns in this storage container. It keeps them standing upright and gives little room for bending.

Many of my historical inspired patterns are stored in this larger storage bin. My sister keeps some of her patterns in here, and we still keep many patterns that we created for our custom sewing business, A Joyful Handmaiden, which tailored to ladies and girls dresses, jumpers, blouses, skirts, etc, etc from 2000-2005. (Do any of our old-time customers still read this blog?) :) All of my apron patterns that I use for Peasant Cottage are in a manila envelope, so no exciting pictures to share if you were hoping for a peek!


Sarah said...


You are so well organized! I try to be organized, but my patterns are still here, there and everywhere! I must admit I have several patterns I will never used, but I hate the thought of parting with them. In the past I sold several of my patterns on ebay, maybe I should again. : )


Cheri said...


I too have sold patterns on both ebay and etsy. Some of the popular or still in print ones don't sell well, at least from my experience. One that are vintage, rare, or out of print have done better. Lately though I haven't wanted to bother, so my local thrift stores now have them. :)

As far as organization, much of the credit goes to my older sister who had the idea of storage bins for our larger patterns. When I emptied the smaller one (from who knows what now...) I thought it was a perfect size for my vintage and "store bought" patterns.

Even in my much-smaller collection there are a few that I can't seem to part with, so I understand your sentimentality. :)