Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Photos from the 1930s

I've decided to take my time on my 1930s dress. There may or may not be some patience needed in making said dress. ::ahem:: If I can just make a little progress on it each day, I'll be pleased.

After stopping at Grandma's in Michigan, my mom and sister brought home with them some cookbooks made by a somewhat distant relative of mine. In the cookbooks there is some family history written and it includes several pictures. I took screen shots from the PDF files, and below are two from the 1930s. I'm assuming these are the girls graduation pictures, as elsewhere in the cookbook they gave a graduation date for the girl in the first picture, and her sister was born a little over a year later.

Class of 1933

Class of 1934

My brother says I resemble the 2nd one, but I'm not so certain as he often says endearing comments to us girls (he'll be a charmer someday!). But aren't they lovely girls?

On a different note, A Joyful Handmaiden is now "Facebook official"! Perhaps you do more on FB than on blog readers, and would find it helpful to be kept up to date with new posts or new items added to the shop. You'll have to pardon its depleated look, but hopefully in no time it will look as though its used. Look it up! :)

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Sarah said...


They are lovely young ladies. I love the styles of the 1930's, so very feminine. I love vintage cookbooks, they can be a lot of fun.