Monday, November 25, 2013

In Progress: 1930s Christmas Frock

After adding a couple new aprons to the shop over the weekend, I began on my 1930s Christmas dress with great excitement, but that quickly deflated. Perhaps it was after taking a good month off of sewing that I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing, but I was making mistake after mistake! And ones that I don't usually make, so it quickly escalated into a frustrating mess of fabric.

Before I shut down the sewing machines on Saturday, some progress was finally being made and below are a few testimonials of what was done:

I love the tucks in the back neck.

Arabella is kept in this corner of the sewing room, so please overlook the pile of shirts at the end of the ironing board! :) Sadly, I was just a little short on fabric, so there aren't the full amount of pleats in the front and back insets, but I think it will be okay.
Today I'm working on the front part of the dress, and if I feel ambitious (granted I have the time to do so!) I may attempt to finish it. Is anyone else making anything special for this coming Christmas season?

If you happen to be sewing today, you may enjoy this podcast by speaker Nancy Leigh DeMoss and a guest on creating a more meaningful holiday season. I'm listening to it right now as I type.


Laura said...

Oooo, it's fun to see this dress made up in a different fabric. I actually haven't seen any pictures of it, other than my own cream-colored version. I'm sure it will be beautiful on you!

Sometimes I've left comments on your blog from my mobile phone lately, but they don't seem to go through, so sorry if I'm repeating myself! I am thinking of making myself some sort of holiday maternity ensemble, probably a black ponte knit pencil skirt (bought an 8-yard bolt at a garage sale for $10!) and some sort of festive top. I don't have a pattern for either so I'm mentally puzzling out how to proceed before I get going. Plus there's no way I could start sewing this week, what with Edmund's birthday tomorrow and Thanksgiving on Thursday!

Cheri said...

Hi Laura!

I love your cream dress in this pattern, and it is in part, my inspiration to try making a dress out of that pattern. Lauren from "American Duchess" has also made this dress which is another source of inspiration. I'll send a picture of it through FB.

Hmm, that is very odd about your disappearing comments! I remember getting on last week that I specifically remember pushing "publish" for, and it never showed up. :(

Your holiday sewing ideas sound like fun! There is still one month until Christmas, so you still have time. Maybe? :) Sounds like you're going to be a busy woman this week! Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving and a happy birthday to Edmund!