Monday, December 09, 2013

Christmas Reading (and an update on the 30s dress!)

Every year I look forward to reading a few of Kate Douglas Wiggin's books over the holiday season. I read about The Birds' Christmas Carol on a blog I follow, and then a friend confirmed that it was a really sweet story. Another book (not shown) is The Old Peabody Pew that is another endearing story of someone who holds onto hope and love. Romance of a Christmas Card has a similar story line of "coming home". For better written details, Lanier writes about them and a few other books that will provide the warm entertainment for your heart and mind this season.
Do you have any favorite books you always pull out to read at Christmastime?

In other news, progress is slowly being made on my 1930s Christmas dress. I'm glad I started it when I did since I've seemed to have several interruptions since then, and now Mother-Dear wants some sewing done, too.

There is an odd sort of gap so far that I'm not sure quite what to do with, but maybe when I get the facings and button sewn on it will help?


Sarah said...


Last year I enjoyed reading "The Romance of a Christmas Card". It was a lovely story, and I actually have the same copy you have. : ) This year I am reading "The Substitute Guest" by Grace Livingston Hill, so far I love it.


Laura said...

I always enjoy reading "The Box of Delights" -- not a romantic Christmas story, but rather a children's adventure fantasy! I don't know if I'll have time this year, though.
Hmmm, hope your gap problem goes away! I didn't actually sew my dress (my mom made it) so I can't comment too much, although you definitely want that closure to lie smoothly. Did the fabric stretch somehow?

Cheri said...


Thanks for a book title to look up! A friend of my loaned me a book by Hill many years ago, and I think I remember liking it. :)


Yay, another book to look into at my next trip to the library! :) I need some "lighter" reading right now…

This afternoon I've spent a lot of time working with my dress and I took my seam ripper to that area and re-sewed it, in hopes of smoothing it out some and it did the trick, so there must have been some stretch somewhere! I was actually going to ask you: do you have a snap at the neckline near my "trouble spot" and somewhat close to the button? The pattern calls for it, but I don't see how I would have enough space to put one there!

Anonymous said...

Let me recommend 'The Dean's Watch' to you - redemption in the Cathedral City of Ely at Christmas. It's by Elizabeth Goudge and it's wonderful.

Cheri said...


Thanks for the suggestion! I've always wanted to read some of Goudge's works, but haven't as of yet. I'll add 'The Dean's Watch' to my list.