Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Polishing the Boots

Back in the day (only about 5-6 years ago...) when sewing Regency dresses were in vogue, a lady who had/has amazing skills in sewing was selling some of her garments and accessories on ebay. She was selling a pair of Regency-inspired boots and I bid up to $10 on them and won the bid.

It wasn't up until earlier this month did I pull them and out and wished to give them a little extra care. After all, they are a pretty little boot and would look great with Regency dresses or I think even could work for some Civil War reenacting or prairie-inspired outings (I read the Kirsten books and played with my doll Kirsten from Pleasant Company for hours a day as a child, and these boots look like her's...)

Contacting the wonderful owner of American Duchess whose shoes are her business, she replied by recommending some luster cream from her store to not only polish them, but soften and protect them. Just this morning I started working on a boot and have been oh so happy with how it's going.

Horrors of horrors, I pushed back my sewing machine, pulled out some scrap cotton fabric from the trash can and set to work on my sewing table. Any other table or counter in this house is being occupied, so I really had no other choice. Well, I could have gone to the garage but the lighting is quite terrible in there, not to mention cold!

Night and day difference, don't you think? And my "finished" boot hasn't even been brushed or polished with a dry cloth yet. :)

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