Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Vintage 1940s Housedress/LoungeRobe Marian Martin 9420

It was after supper last night that I decided to not have any unfinished projects on my sewing table going into 2014, so I sat myself down to complete my 1940s housecoat. One of my sisters inquired, "What IS it?" as if it looks like a UFO (unidentified foreign object) but I emphatically explained that it is a house dress/coat or a lounging robe "you know, when you're in your pajamas in the morning and you're fixing coffee and blueberry muffins." :)
Sewing last night didn't even require the burning of the midnight oil. I finished with 1 1/2 hours to spare before the clocked turned over another year. Yay!
My first to make out of this pattern was for winter wear, and this one is for summer wear, obviously with the just-above-the-knee length and short sleeves. But like I mentioned several weeks ago, I had to make due with the vintage fabric I had.

I forgot how ginormous the pocket turns out to be! You could easily sneak upstairs a blueberry muffin in it to enjoy in bed! ;)

One of my favorite details on this is the vintage buttons in the front

The back bodice comes to a V as does the front. The back skirt has a center seam down to the hem, and because of it this skirt flows and swishes as you walk about.

I added more vintage rick rack to the sleeve cuffs. Fun, fun!

Happy New Year and happy sewing in 2014!


Sarah said...


Your new house dress is so pretty and feminine! I love the fabric and buttons.


Cheri said...

Thankyou, Sarah!