Monday, December 23, 2013

Polishing the Silver

This season our family decided to "go classy" for our Christmas day celebrations. We're trading our usual cotton red mountain weave table cloth with an elegant one found on clearance somewhere last year, with matching cloth napkins (and antique silver plated napkin rings I'm contributing), and several other antique silver plated serving-ware that I've collected over the years or items that people have given to me.

Earlier this year I spotted these silver wine goblets (?) at a thrift store, and I was able to get the manager to give me a 75% discount if I bought all 10. While we don't drink wine or any alcoholic beverages, they are perfect for sparkling cider around the holidays. My dad teased me that they look like communion glasses from a Catholic church. :)

Does anyone know if glasses such as these could withstand hot temperatures? I'm wanting to make a wassail recipe given to me by a British woman who's husband was a professor of mine in college, but I wasn't sure if I should serve it in these or not.

Well, I must be off and start making the dough for our traditional Christmas cookies. Other than our party mix, we've done next to nothing in baking for the holidays. I guess now is the time to start!

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