Saturday, December 21, 2013


If you've ever ordered from Peasant Cottage, you most likely have noticed that I use recycled tissue paper to wrap up orders. While I'm not a "recycle everything!" kind of person, if the tissue paper has no rips or stains I don't mind reusing it. It helps keep costs down and it's fun to use various colored ones or prints. Not long ago I had a Victorian Christmas one and it was so pretty as I packaged up the apron, I almost took a picture of it. ;)

About a week or so ago I came across this fun masking tape at a favorite store of mine. Since then, I've had fun wrapping up aprons and tearing a few pieces of tape to hold the foldings together.

The other day I was working on an order and realized how LOW the shop is right now. Of course last month and earlier in this one some customers have made purchases, but even still, I apologize for not keeping up with it!  Hopefully soon I can get my hands on some fabric to start sewing for the shop.

Meanwhile, the top of my 1940s robe is completed (except for the button closure) and I'm hoping to finish it by Christmas, though it isn't a necessity.

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