Saturday, December 14, 2013

1930s Vogue Christmas Dress

I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Yes, I really did attempt to do those finger waves (practice will make perfect eventually...) and yes, I felt like I just came out of Downton Abbey. ;)


Pattern: Vintage Vogue 2671 pattern, from an original 1933 design
Fabric, rhinestone button, and supplies: antique store
Jewelry: silver plated earrings from Kohls
Shoes: 23 Skidoo Shoes from American Duchess
Wallet: JCPenny
Lipstick: "Shimmering" by Lancome

You know a garment was sewn right when you don't want to take it off and are tempted to wear it to church tomorrow for the Christmas Banquet. (Do I dare?)


Laura said...

You look lovely and ready to go to an elegant Christmas party! It's a perfect holiday dress! Those shoes are quite smashing, too. :)

Sarah said...


Your new dress is lovely! I really like the skirt design with the gathered inset.

May you have a blessed weekend!


Lily said...

Great job, you look lovely! That is such a nice color on you, and I can see why you feel like Downton Abbey. :-) I vote yes for the Christmas Banquet! (of course!!)

Cheri said...

Laura, Sarah, and Lily,

Thankyou all for your words of praise and encouragement. :) The dress was fun to sew and I'm sure I'll make another dress out of this pattern in the hopefully not-to-distant future.

Esther said...

So pretty! I love sewing a neew dress for Christmas!

Cheri said...

Thankyou, Esther! It was a lot of fun to sew and wear. :)