Thursday, January 30, 2014


This week I found some fabrics so I can actually sew something! My fabric stash is deplorably low (unless you want to count scraps that would easily make 3 quilt tops and nothing else...) and therefore the silent "absence" of sewing news on my blog or items in the shop.

I saw this fabric at Hobby Lobby and thought it'd be perfect for some Tasha Tudor aprons. Now I can't decide which of the two vintage laces to use. There is enough fabric for two, so maybe one of each?

You should read the caption on the zipper packaging. It made me laugh since you wouldn't find that on a modern zipper package! ;)

Then take a look at this black watch plaid houndstooth that I found only this morning. There is easily enough for me to use a vintage skirt pattern. This 1940s one seems like it will fit the bill, unless I use this modern pattern for a vintage-inspired look.

Who else is on a sewing kick this week?


Anne Eliot said...


I am in the throes of getting rid of fabric & wondered if you would want to swap out the green apron for a box of fabric (& a little yarn also). Otherwise, the fabric will just go to goodwill. I would rather see it sewn up, but have too big a stash to get to all of it. Please let me know. I will get a box ready tonight if your agreeable.

Traci O.

Anne Eliot said...


Would you be interested in a swap? I would love the green apron,which you could send me &I would send you some of my enormous stash? Let me know if you like the des.

Traci O

Cheri said...

Hi Traci,

Thanks so much for your generous offer, but right now I'm trying to keep my fabric stash somewhat limited. It helps me work on projects that I may not feel like working on. ;)