Friday, January 17, 2014

Knot after Knot after Knot...

It has been a couple of years since I've gotten my tatting stuff out, but this week has been perfect for it as I lay around trying to ward off this cold that's been going around. Lots of rest, vitamin C, and other vitamins that are the equivalent to the size of horse pills are keeping it at bay.

This afternoon I listed three different collections of bookmarks in the shop today. I'm thinking next I'll work on a pink/red collection of hearts. Perfect for Valentines Day, don'tcha think? :)
When my friend first taught me how to do tatting, I learned on size 10 thread as it's fairly easy to take out a knot (literally!) and the more comfortable I got with tatting, I switched over to a smaller size. Now all I use is size 30 and 50. I'm purging out of a few odd sizes along with many that are size 70 (just a wee-bit to small!) and those are up in the shop as one big lot for anyone else who does tatting or crocheting with thread.
Well, I'm off to fix a pot of tea and get back to watching movie while keeping my hands busy. ;)


Sarah said...


I have always admired tatting. My grandmother would often tell me about her grandmother from Germany and how she tatted all the time. I attended a tatting lesson a couple of years ago, but never really went too far. I hope to work on this skill again in the near future. It is such a special almost forgotten art!


Cheri said...


I don't think I even knew what tatting was until I saw my friend do it. :) She encouraged me that it's easy to pick up if you've done knitting and/or crocheting and it was. Hope you can pick it up again!