Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fun in the Snow, 1930s style

If you "like" A Joyful Handmaiden's Facebook page you would have seen that earlier this week I found a vintage coat at one of my least-likely-to-visit thrift stores (that changed!). While I normally try not to buy an item that is full priced from the thrift store, one can't even buy a modern coat for $11 in pristine condition.

We have some snow, so this morning I convinced one of my brothers to follow me outside and grab a few pictures.

As you can see, it has enough fur on the collar and sleeves to keep anyone toasty warm!

My sister's dog loves to run in the snow or bury her head in it. Silly girl!

The coat has a tiny label on it, but it doesn't give very many clues as to its age. I think it looks 1930s after finding some images on pinterest. But then again, if you look for 1970s coats, they look interestingly familiar to that of the 30s.

Looking at the notched collars on this picture found here, the belted waist, the double breasted buttons and such, I still want to believe that it's from the 30s. Does anyone else have a clue?

Now I just need to find a suitable 30s style hat (that fits my large head!) to sport around. ;)


Lily said...

Oh my! That is such a very, very fun find!! :-) Love it!

As far as dating goes, it looks pretty timeless to me- could pass for a multiplicity of eras! My gut feeling was that it was too short (or long) to be 30s, but that fashion plate does show a distinctly just-below-the-knee length coat! So now I'll be more careful about discounting that length. ;-)

Sarah said...


What a find! I really like the fur collar and cuffs.


Laura said...

Pretty coat and pretty fur! I wouldn't be able to venture a guess without examining... Are there any clues from the construction or feel of the fabric? Can you tell if the fur is real? Regardless of its age, it does have a lovely 1930s look to it!

Laura said...

Oh, Cheri, this coat is simply lovely! What a great bargain at $11! And the color is so gorgeous...I'm sure you'll get many happy years out of it. Don't you just love the old styles! Stay warm!

Sweet blessings,

~ Shannon said...

Your new coat is so lovely, Cheri! It looks like it was made for you -- and it was such a steal, too. Congrats on the find!


Cheri said...

Thanks everyone for sharing in my excitement! And I hear there is more snow on the way, so more fun. :)

Laura, to answer your questions, (sort of…) I'm not familiar with the 30s way of construction or how fabric should feel, but I am quite certain it's a heavy wool. The fur feels real, but then I've never owned anything with fur on it. :) Next time you're in the area, I'd be more than happy to let you look at it!

Carol said...

Hi Cheri,

I was going to ask the same question Laura did, that is, is the fur real? What about the buttons? Can you get any clues from that? My next thought is, the width of the skirt portion appears to be wider than what many 1930's dress patterns would have. I do have a couple in my possession and they are narrow and longer. But, that's not to say someone didn't make this coat shorter. Also, if I am seeing your picture correctly, your tie appears to tie, many of the coats I have seen pictures of show more of a belt style, such your picture example.

In any case, the coat is lovely and it's a great colour on you!!! Congratulations on a great find!

Cheri said...

Hi Carol! (From S&S forum, right?) :) What I think I might do is take some detailed pictures of the coat and then post them on the blog.

Quite honestly, I don't know the 1930s like I want to, and have never thought of looking at skirt widths or lengths, buttons, or quality of the fur. Now I feel like I'm conducting research in a way. ;)

Thanks for your kind comments on the coat!