Friday, June 20, 2014

Behold! She seweth!

After a three-month long break from sewing, the machines were up and running early this morning. I was hoping I'd remember how to thread the sewing machine, or sew in a straight line, or make something useful. ;)

Several months ago I spotted a sweet spring-like fabric that would make a lovely apron for the shop, but here we are on summer's eve and I only just finished it. Honesty prevailing, it really did feel good to feel the cotton fabric slip between my fingers, or aligning the vintage rick rack next to the other.

There are many more fabrics on my table that are calling my name, but if summer will be as busy as spring, I can't guarantee a shop full of aprons, but I'll do my best to do better than what I have been lately.

My friends, I present you with the apron I've called "The Tenderest of Spring" up in the shop today!

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