Friday, July 11, 2014

(Almost) a Tea Garden

It was about 12 years ago when one spring I was digging up all of my mint from the garden. It took me several years before I was able to uproot the entire root system. No one told me that mint spreads like wildfire until I was talking to a lady who've I've known since I was little.

Grandma Brown and her husband live on a farm in Michigan and they keep horses, chickens, and barn cats. They aren't grandparents, but own those endearing titles. If you are a long-time reader, you may remember this post when I spent an afternoon and evening with them. Grandma Brown has a beautiful large garden that would make even the serious gardner green with envy, and she's the one who said, "Oh honey, you need to rip all that out before it takes over everything!"

So that's what I did, but not only did I bade goodbye to the mint, everyone resigned to miss out on the mint iced tea I'd make on a near weekly basis. Brewing mint and spearmint together makes the best kind of tea. If you add a touch of sugar (or any other sweetener) and let it cool off, it is delicious over ice.

This spring my dad bought some planters for our back deck "for whatever you want to grow" and seeing that I already have a good sized garden (though I'm always trying to squeeze in just one more plant!) I didn't think I'd need them. My mind was changed when I saw some starter plants of mint at Trader Joes and I knew they'd be perfect for a planter. 

One hot days such as what we've been having lately, these plants can't grow fast enough to start brewing tea again. :) Do any of you make your own tea, using fresh herbs and/or flowers?


Esther said...

Yes, the root system is horrendous - I've just spent the last few hours working on cutting mint back too! Sad to hear you won't be able to enjoy the tea from your mint this year, God willing next year's will be well worth the wait :)Thanks your blog - it's very encouraging and stimulating to read!

God bless,
Esther :)

Sarah said...


Planting your mint in little planters is a brilliant idea! We had lemon mint back at home years ago, and it did spread out dramatically. We ended up removing it from the garden, but always missed the delightful aroma. I will have to keep this idea in mind for next year. : )