Saturday, September 27, 2014

Weekend Favorites

[No. 1] Having a roommate who likes candles, is something I'm thankful for. If fact, she burns them more than I do, and we've been enjoying fallish candles in the last couple of weeks. Not long ago I was in Anthropologie and splurged to pick up this favorite autumn scent. Do any of you have favorite go-to's for candles in the fall?

[No. 2] My roommate got her undergrad degree in music, and started grad school this fall. It's quite lovely hearing her practice Bach on the piano. She says she's not good at it, but she is. :)

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[No. 3 and No.4] Having coffee and quiet moments are things that aren't taken for granted in the life of a college student. :) While dependant on coffee is not something I'm remotely close to, it does bring some warmth on a chilly autumn morning as does a cup of tea before bedtime.

And yes, quiet moments for books. My life is surrounded by them, and while they primarily consist of college textbooks, I was sure to bring some favorites with me from home. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall was an excellent read, and I'm close to finishing Agnes Grey. They are a bit lighter than other books the Bronte sisters are well-known for, but certainly not less engaging.


Laura said...

My favorite autumn candle is the "Mulled Cider" scent from Walmart's "Mainstays" brand! A big ol' jar candle is five bucks. It smells great, perfectly autumnal, and you can't beat the price. :)

How nice that you have time for some fun reading. I listened to "The Tenant of Wildfell Hall" many years ago, when I was working on my first 1930s style dress and learning how to sew! Considering how much I like "Jane Eyre," it's shocking that I haven't read any of Charlotte Bronte's other books.

Cheri said...

Nice to hear from you, Laura! I've been thinking of you lately and wondered how homeschooling it going for you.

The next time I'm at Walmart I'll have to look for that scent. I know I love the aroma of real mulled cider. :)

Leah Christine Imagery said...

Oooh. You bought a British frame… ;-)

Cheri said...

Leah, I did indeed! I must confess that I greatly admired yours. :)