Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Just Like Mary's

You may depend upon it. Every few years my mother will get a phone call from Mary and her question is always the same, "Would one of your girls be able to sew up a few aprons for me?" You can also depend on her wanting five at a time. And guaranteed, small calico prints in the colors blue, red, brown, and pink.

Mary is in her 80s and still cooks and cleans like nobodies business (though a few years back a sister of mine cleaned for her every two weeks when she and her husband were very busy). Wearing an apron is a daily standard for her. Mom says that she's never seen Mary without one when she goes out to their country property in the hills. "It's apart of getting dressed."

Coming home from college, mom passed on to me the task (more like a sheer delight!) to sew Mary's five aprons this year. She sent a bag with a few yards of possible fabrics and I just needed to come up with two more materials. It has been a long time since I sewed one up using her 60s pattern. I assume it's a 60s pattern judging by the style. We've never seen the actual pattern, honestly. She always includes an old one and says, "Make them just like this one." We have never told her that about 10 years ago we made a paper pattern off of it for our collection.

Not really having the chance to peruse the fabric stores since coming home (other than the specific errand for a brown and pink!), I dug around in my measly fabric stash for any remnants of a yard or more. Sure enough, two were found and made up this afternoon. Both fabrics suit each other quite nicely. So if anyone out there is wanting to start up an apron collection like Mary's (or mine; please don't ask how many I own!!) they would be the perfect start.

They are both in the shop tonight!

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