Thursday, June 09, 2016

A Bit of Spring, Sewing, and Books

Since I've been home, I've spent a good part of my time outdoors and mostly in the morning hours while its still cool. Almost all of the roses are in bloom now (its so nice that they take over after the lilacs are done!) and we've been enjoy their many blossoms indoors, too. I'll save the introductions of some new English varieties for another day...

But I've also been enjoying the opportunity to sew again. The other day I was looking through old posts of aprons that I've sewn over the years and became really inspired. Not sure if it's a good or bad thing to be inspired by what you did a long time ago. Somehow I never tire of sewing aprons though. :) Just this morning I sewed up the above Tasha Tudor-inspired apron.

Before I came home from school last month, it was my plan to not read a single book this summer. Between heavy class work, and extra books to read (on top of heavy textbooks) I was DONE. Well, my resolve lasted for about a week. ;) To be fair though, it was a small vintage children's book by Anna Potter Wright called, "The Little Shepherd." It's such a sweet story and has several practical truths for grownup's, too! 

But speaking of books, I'm passing on these lovely Tasha Tudor books to anyone who loves her work, or simply is looking for some wholesome books for a child's library. They're both 1st editions from what I can tell, but they will easily go many more years of cherished reading.

You can find them in the shop this afternoon!

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