Thursday, June 16, 2016

Never in a Million Years

A couple of weeks ago, a friend from church called up and wondered if I could come over and help her sew. I knew that she was neck high in bridal alterations, but it didn't dawn on me just exactly what she might have me do until she handed me someone's wedding dress. Um, intimidation was THE understatement.

I can sew clothing, doll clothing, costumes, tote bags, aprons (duh!) and even did a quilt top way back when, but a wedding dress?? Very thankfully, my friend is the most patient person on the planet, and was satisfied with what I did for her. To confess, by the end of the day it was actually not to bad.

I've been able to help her every day this week, and if she keeps getting dresses, I'll be able to hopefully get more and more comfortable (and faster?) at something that I never dreamed of doing. Not in a million years! Lace, tulle, hems, trains and bustles. So very grateful to have the opportunity of learning.

But sewing here at home won't be neglected. Mom wants me to sew her up a jumper in the next couple of days, and I have some darling fabrics that I came across earlier this week that are just begging to be made into aprons. I already have the bias and vintage rick rack ready for them. Be on the lookout for them to appear in the shop, hopefully in the next week or so.


Sarah said...


What a great opportunity for you! I am sure you will be terrific at bridal alterations. You have an eye for details, and after seeing all the many beautiful historical dresses you have sewn and embroidered it is evident that you were made for bridal sewing! : )


Cheri said...


That is very kind of you! I can't say that I have full confidence in what I'm doing, but I'm enjoying the process of learning. :)

Blessings on your day!