Monday, July 25, 2016

1920s Vintage Apron Pattern

To confess, I comb through the ebay and etsy vintage patterns continually throughout the week. Not so much for something just to add to my pattern box, but for patterns that really stand out as unique and for something that I'd actually wear. Once a friend asked me about my sewing projects and I said yes, that way if no one else is interested, then I get to keep them all. :)

In the last couple of years I've been quite bored with what I'm seeing available for vintage apron patterns, but earlier this spring my heart fluttered at two that I had never seen before. Sadly, one got away before I could pay for it, but I was more than happy to purchase this one!

It's from a no-name company and one that I should do some more research on. Wonder what other treasures they produced nearly 100 years ago. But this pattern? Ladies, it has sleeves!  I can't tell you how many times I've been asked if I could make and sell aprons with sleeves. Thinking of my other apron patterns and modern patterns from the Big Four companies, no one puts sleeves on their aprons. But, why not?

It kind of makes sense if you think about it. The other practical thing about this apron? The back of the apron catches all the splatters when your back is turned from the stove.

On this particular apron I was happy to find two huge buttons from my stash for the back. I'm kind of lazy when it comes to knowledge about what my buttons are made of, but I'm guessing some kind of really high quality plastic like material. They are not light and flimsy, but then they aren't heavy like glass, or mother of pearl. 

The backs of these button are metal, however, which told me right away that they are vintage. The buttons are not functional to this particular apron, but if I make more aprons from this pattern in heavy fabrics, they'll most likely be working buttons. The pattern says you can do either or. Those are my kind of patterns; do what you feel like doing. :)
But here she is. All finished with one more confession: I had to slip it on before taking pictures, and it's a keeper of a pattern.


Sarah said...

What a unique pattern! I have never seen an apron pattern with sleeves, but it does make sense. Your choice of fabric and buttons is so elegant. I can imagine a character from Avonlea wearing this apron while serving tea. : )

Kelly-Anne said...

Ah Cheri...this apron is simply gorgeous! I love the style...hooray for a vintage pattern! And apron with sleeves...what a wonderful idea! And those buttons are stunning! What fun this must have been to've inspired me to make myself an apron...I cannot believe I haven't yet!
Happy Tuesday!